Lightbridge Partners is an investment and advisory firm dedicated to working with the owners and managers of promising small and mid-sized companies to strengthen their businesses, enhance their equity value and realize their potential. 

We offer these often under-served companies unique, efficient, value-adding solutions customized to meet the individual needs of each business and set of constituents.  We approach each situation with a flexible combination of capital, advice and relationships, drawing from decades of experience with companies in a wide array of industries, business cycles, and stages of growth.

We work closely and discretely with families, founders, private equity firms, mezzanine providers and senior lenders.  We act as partners, directors, advisors and/or principals depending on the situation and objectives.

We build equity and enterprise value through direct, senior, hands-on involvement in three areas:

Building Value in Businesses

  1. *Strategy refinement / redirection

  2. *Revenue enhancement

  3. *Operational improvement

  4. *Organization building

  5. *Cost reduction

  6. *Capital efficiency

  1. *Buyouts

  2. *Growth equity

  3. *Venture capital

  4. *Minority or controlling interests

  5. *Portfolio acquisitions

  6. *Fund recaps





  1. *Acquisitions

  2. *Mergers & Joint Ventures

  3. *Divestitures

  4. *Capital raising

  5. *Recapitalizations

  6. *Restructurings



Each situation has a unique set of opportunities and challenges.  Each ownership group has their own objectives and timeframes.  Our recommended approach:  let’s get together, discuss your situation and explore how we might be able to help.